Kello Goeller is an interdisciplinary performance artist originally from New York City, and currently crafting dreamscapes in the Portland art and music worlds.

Kello's physical body is the end of a tube.  The other end stares directly at Source through a thin glass window.  Kello's duty as medium is to transmit messages safely down the tube and translate them for human ingestion, using various types of spiritual Windex (butoh dance, freestyle rap, blacklite bathing) to keep the glass fresh. Kello's work is designed to unblock participants' own tubes, taking us on a meta-trip™. 

Let's tube-twirl together.    

Leyla Daze, their current music project, combines spoken word vocal landscapes with analog synth to carry listeners along a journey river. The goal: forward escape as informational tool; psychedelic transport to open the audience's own vision states.  Kello asks if one artist's offering can be an induction point: carrying participants to untapped states of their own, with the potential to birth more ecstatic entryways.

In Leyla's live show and Kello's immersive video installations, the audience is invited onstage and inside; experiencing together, vibrating communal altars toward archaic wholeness. Though the work carries a hopeful intention, there are undertones of deep searching through Kello's own neuroqueer nether regions, explorations of their distress at feeling ancient in a digital world, and spells for the lifting of the veils. 

In 2016 Kello was a Salon artist in the Portland2016:Biennial, and premiered new film work at Portland Art Museum's Whitsell Auditorium.
2015 was ripe with work & gratitude as Kello opened their first solo show, Habitat, to critical acclaim from The Oregonian, honored by RACC's Innovation Prize and PICA's Precipice Fund Grant.  That year their film Cubes was included in a museum program at the Fondazione Prada, Milano. 

After finishing their BFA (2009, Tisch School of the Arts, New York)  Kello co-facilitated The Reanimator Lab, a participatory animation program at New Museum and The Museum of the Moving Image. Kello's studio //kneeon directed award-winning animations for Amos Lee and Sundance Channel, while their street art work became a foundational example of the "New Aesthetic" movement, published in print by Taschen, MIT Press, Routledge, and others.