Leyla Daze is a nonBinary neuroQueer who goes by they/them/princeXx. Their new media and performance work imagines a utopic future called Next Place, where all humans bask in harmony with the oneness of immediate experience.

With massive vocal landscapes and kaleidoscopic videos swimming over their costume, Leyla creates sensory portals which dunk participants in the slime of the present moment. Each piece is a spell, weaving dance-banger drums with participatory chanting and mystical movement to guide us toward an alien dimension of connectedness.  

Leyla's work (aka Kello Goeller) has been featured in museums, film festivals, and print publications internationally, including the Fondazione Prada Milano, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, and the Wooster Collective / Taschen.  Recent performances include Eminent Domain, an international feminist art takeover in NYC's Chelsea district, and a midnight show at Burning Man.  They are now roaming all over the West Coast & Colorado.