Leyla's performing body is the end of a tube, through which the audience crawls toward Source Energy. Xe serves up acid elf realness, swirling dance-banger drums & spacey synths to underline a soul sister vocal tableaux.

With homemade synth circuits and kaleidoscopic video art, Leyla creates sensory portals which dunk participants in the slime of the present moment.

Circling musical base camps in Joshua Tree, CA & Boulder, CO, Leyla's work has been featured in museums, film festivals, and print publications internationally.  Recent performances include Eminent Domain in NYC's Chelsea district and a tour kickoff show for Adult Swim’s David Liebe Hart.


Leyla’s debut cassette “Given Mortal Mission” is a post-post-modern electrical techno scream of anger and joy.
— The Modern Folk Music of America
Raw psychedelic stream of consciousness set over buoyant drum machines— You’d be lucky to have Leyla Daze as your mushroom sherpa.
— Matthew Henderson, Xhurch Portland
Leyla Daze gives me hope in this nightmarish age because they hear what’s going on in our Dystopian reality and report it back with humor, wild sounds and an electronic heartbeat.
— Ted Quinn, Joshua Tree
Lovecraft, Portland, OR. photo by Tender Heart Productions.

Lovecraft, Portland, OR. photo by Tender Heart Productions.

Leyla has performed alongside ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS (Go! Push Pops), Phoxxii, Xibling, FingerPRiNCE, Magisterial, and Adult Swim’s David Liebe Hart.

The following CV items are designed to sound institutionally impressive: Fondazione Prada, Burning Man, Michael Moore, New Museum/Ideas City, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Wooster Collective/Taschen. Their recent residency at madelife (Boulder, CO) saw the development of TOYBOX OF CULTURAL ASSUMPTIONS, a solo installation show & performance piece.

Leyla’s work explodes the boundaries of traditional formats with a unique blend of music and interactive installation. But Leyla would rather leave an impression on your neurons and soul. No really, let xem carve fractals into your soul.

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