LEYLA DAZE is a badass vocal witch.




Modern Folk: Monday Music – The modern folk music of america

July 30 · MONDAY MUSIC: today I suggest you check out the electronic/avant garde/deconstructed pop jams of Leyla Daze. Their debut cassette "Given Mortal Mission", recorded among west coast travels between urban centers and the desert outcast outpost Slab City, is a post-post-modern electrical techno scream of anger and joy. The music has the feel of psychedelic electronica, with layered synths and pounding dance beats, but the lyrics and vocal performance have a poetic approach, with vibrant imagery and emotive delivery, edging on hip-hop at times. I got a copy of the cassette last friday when Leyla's partner Charlie Epstein joined the bill for a show I had set up, and I recommend you pick one up too! After the show they headed up the coast to travel and make more art and music, so look around for either/both of them doing live performances in the general western USA!

Matt H. of Portland's Xhurch – Matthew Henderson, Xhurch Portland

Raw psychedelic stream of consciousness set over buoyant drum machines and playful synths that meander around in counterpoint to the lyrics. Each song sounds like a journey into the mind of the author but it reads more like an invitation. You’d be lucky to have Leyla Daze as your mushroom sherpa.

Ted Quinn on Bandcamp – Ted Quinn, Musical Mayor of Joshua Tree

Given Mortal Mission is divine. The Unspeakable is Spoken Here! "Daddy greets the peaceful protest with a f****g baseball bat...the cops murder children while they serve and protect..." Leyla Daze gives me hope in this nightmarish age because she hears what's going on in our Dystopian reality and reports it back with humor, wild sounds and an electronic heartbeat. Music of our time because we deserve music now, as much as we ever did. Support people who make music that says something. Favorite track: Once Upon a Time.